Tips & Tricks for Packing & Unpacking

Published on 9/9/2019

It’s that time of year: moving season. Moving is one of those things that are not fun in the process but feels so good when it’s over. There are so many steps, and the entire thing can be quite overwhelming! Below are 8 tips and tricks to help make your next move a breeze! 

  1. Create a Checklist (or two). Checklists are a great way to make sure you get everything done from renting a moving truck to pick up supplies to renting a storage unit. In today’s world, checklists can be created sans pen and paper via mobile apps so you will always have them with you.  Mobile apps can even allow you to keep multiple lists, maybe one for things to pack, one for things to do, and one for things to get. 

  1. Get All of Your Supplies. Speaking of lists of things to get, you should gather all of your supplies before getting started. Having supplies on hand makes the process much less stressful. You wouldn’t fix a car without the proper tools right? You shouldn’t move without them either. The tools you will need to move your belongings will vary from household to household, but some basics everyone should have include packing tape, boxes, handcart for heavy items,  moving blankets for electronics, and permanent markers for labeling. 

  1. Clear Out the Clutter. We all have that closet in our house that is full of things we haven’t looked at in years, but feel like we need. It’s important to go through these things when you are moving to purge what you really don’t need and make your move easier. It would be the worst to pack everything up only to throw things away as you unpack, wasting valuable truck space, and supplies in the process. 

  1. Store Things You Do Need But Don’t Have Room For. In addition to the stuff we have but don’t need, we have double the amount of items that we do need, but only use once a year- like Christmas trees and Halloween decorations. These things take up limited storage space in your home, but there is a solution! Storage facilities are perfect for things like that and are generally a reasonable price. Take advantage of the extra storage to keep your home tidy, and organized! 

  1. Take It One Room At A Time. Just as with any other large task, take packing one step at a time. Start with a room that has items you don’t use often and work your way up to things like the bathroom and kitchen. This way you can see the progress. **Bonus tip: put sticky notes on cabinets & doors that are already cleaned out so when you walk by you don’t have to check them for the nth time. 

  1. Label Boxes. Labeling your boxes as you pack them will make unloading from the truck and unpacking your things so much easier. You can label the box with the room the items belong to and a brief description of what is in the box. For example, you can pack your plates and bowls in a box labeled “Kitchen-Dishes”. 

  1. Don’t Make Your Boxes Too Heavy. To get the most out of the space we try to cram as much as possible into one box. This is great as long as you can lift the box once it is sealed. Try packing one or two heavier things and putting lighter things on top so the box is full but still manageable. (i.e. pack your glass bowls, with plastic mixing bowls and serving utensils)

  1. Organize Boxes As You Unload the Truck. Since you have labeled all of your boxes with the room they belong to and a description of the items, you should utilize the labels by placing boxes in the appropriate rooms. (e.g. put the “Kitchen-Dishes” box on the kitchen counter). This will make unpacking so much easier since you won’t need to move boxes all around the house! 

Whether this is your first time moving or you're a packing pro using these quick tips will help make your move much less stressful! Good luck!